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lost meme: [02/10] characters → miles straume

"Where the hell did they go, tubby?"

"Oh, awesome, the ship sent us another Sawyer."

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Anonymous said: People always diabetes whether grantaire would be a cat or a dog person, but tbh I think we would love and own one of each. A cat is quiet and calm and he loves that but he also own a golden retriever (or Labrador?) that cheers him up whenever he feels bad, and he lives to walk him out and yea also both of them sleep in his bed


I needed to read that today.

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u know that gif of an animated and disembodied david duchovny head that gets smacked in the face with a bunch of lil animated and disembodied david duchovny heads and the one gets stuck in his eyeball 

why does that exist who made it will we ever know tune in to cnn at 11 to find out more




Arrested Misérables - (3/?)

joly, you’re like the second drunkest member of this group, quit with the judgey-eyes

I reblog this every time it shows up on my dash.

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