Wil Wheaton’s gotta tell you the three things he was just so stoked about that year season 2 came out.

Hey certain members of the TNG fandom, don’t be assholes. If you don’t like a certain character then don’t write your hate under the post where I can see it when you reblog it. Please have the courtesy to write it in your tags where I can NOT see it.

Also if you’re wondering why Gates McFadden is not in that photoset it’s because (as indicated in the tags) IT’S FUCKIN’ SEASON 2 AND MCFADDEN WAS NOT IN SEASON 2.

Thank you that is all.

Denise Crosby and Sir Patrick Stewart. 

Denise Crosby and Sir Patrick Stewart. 

Wil Wheaton, about the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast.

Brent Spiner, about Data.

John de Lancie, about Q.

… You know, and Asian people and all kind of folks you know, there was no problem with Russians you know, it’s very important that the future be hopeful and that’s what this is.”

Whoopi Goldberg on Star Trek The Original Series and on why she asked to be in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Michael Dorn, about Worf.